And So It Is!

So I am VERY excited to be introducing my blog! My intention for my entire website is to enlighten, inspire, motivate, empower and encourage anybody who visits it. Therefore, now that the setup is nearing completion, I believe it is time to start some blogging.?

I actually find the whole thing rather amusing, as had you asked me what would be included in my life 5 years ago (or even 1), blogging would not even have been considered, for I am a passionate dancer at heart!

But such is the beauty of life and the twists and turns that it sends us on! I hope to bring you interesting articles, inspiring words, thought-provoking visuals and other helpful links to aid you on your journey throughout this life, to enhance your personal evolution!

Strawberry Spirit’s goal is to inspire one through the arts. The aim of my website is to awaken and nourish the arts. And by the arts, I don’t just mean the obvious ones, such as dance but also the much less considered arts of self-care, self-love, self-acceptance and self-empowerment. ?

Growing up, it is the few lucky ones of our generation that have been taught the importance, validity and life-changing effects that these lesser known ‘arts’ can have. It is nobody’s fault – it’s just the way life was and often still is – the people in our lives could not have taught us what they do not know themselves. It really is that simple. There is no need for blame, for that will only induce resentment and worse than that, it is is also extremely disempowering. So I discourage blame and I wish to shine a spotlight on the power that lies dormant within each of us.

I have always been ultra sensitive and went through life from my early childhood in bewilderment, on so many levels, at all that took place around me. Thankfully, humanity is beginning to awaken and question all that is, as opposed to just accepting everything to be the way that it is, just because somebody said so or because that is the way it always has been – even when it does not feel right deep down inside – thank goodness, times are changing  and for the better!

Luckily I am now an adult and I have had the strength in recent years to begin to make certain decisions that actually felt authentic, unlike a lot of previous episodes in my life. But that is simply how we learn and grow – experience is our only true teacher.

Throughout this chapter of my life, I have learnt so much about myself, other people and the world around me. I feel it is my duty to share what has aided, inspired and pushed me along when things were rough and the stuff that elated me too, as a result… This is my quest! ?

Feel free to do with the information what you will. My wish is that it touches you somewhat and makes your life better one way or another. I do not consider myself to be an expert, I am no different to you reading this right now! However, what I do know, is that I have always lived my life fully and from my heart and this has definitely lead me on some exciting twists and turns, to say the least!

I have fallen flat on my face many times but I now know that failing many times is the only way to succeed. And every time you get up, even if at times you are crawling to stand, you become stronger than before, as a result of your growth and become transformed by the burdensome experiences. ☀

Photo by Johan van Dreven.
Photo by Johan van Dreven.

I truly believe that we are here to grow and evolve in every which way that we can, for as long as we are alive. My heart tells me to pass on to you what I have learned along my journey, so as it can perhaps bring some ease and understanding into yours. ?

Please do feel free leave comments. I would love to have your feedback and your opinions on my blog posts and to hear all about what makes you tick and tickles your fancy! 🙂

Please be kind – this is a place of positivity and while I am not averse to constructive criticism, by any means, as Thumper the rabbit says in Disney’s Bambi “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”?

Also feel free to contact me here should you feel the need to send an email.

I am excited to begin this journey and share parts of myself with you, with the aim of inspiring you in one way or another to empower yourself, understand yourself, be yourself and ultimately love yourself into the best human being that you dare to be! ?

You can meander with me here – more posts to follow soon… Woohooo… let the ride begin!! 😀


Special thanks to for all the lovely images.?? And thanks also to Johan van Dreven.?

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2 thoughts on “And So It Is!

  1. ??? Thank you for sharing your wisdom and inspiration with the world ?????✨. Love this!! You are inspiring in who you are and spreading love in all that you create. Looking forward to the next posts! ?? Cheers ☄?? xL

    1. ? Thank You SO much for your beautiful words!!! ☀ I was so overwhelmed by the love in your post!✨ ? I do apologise deeply for my delay in response! ? ? ? Thank you for sharing your love, you Beautiful soul!? ? ? It means the world to me! ???

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