Energy Wheels Within Us – The 7 Main Chakras

I personally came across the chakras in a subconscious manner, before I found out that they even existed! About 3 years ago I had an extremely strong urge to dye my hair purple. Yes, bright violet! And this was a couple of years before Rihanna started the unorthodox hair colour trend! ? I followed my urge, as it felt really right to me, although not everyone in my life would have agreed… Fortunately, I live in Amsterdam where the prevalent energy is that of ‘Live and Let Live’. So in spite of other people’s opinions, I went ahead with my gut feeling and had a violet head for about 9 months and it served me well.

At the time, I had no idea that the Crown Chakra that is placed at the top of our head is in fact, violet. I was also unaware that I was slowly but surely being led through an enlightening process. In general, the chakras tend to open up from the Root Chakra upwards, be that as it may, it is also possible for it to happen the other way around.

I gathered that my purple hair period was a telltale sign that is what happened in my case. However, I am by no means suggesting that you should go and dye your hair purple to begin to open up your Crown Chakra! Nope, far from it, I am simply illustrating that life works in mysterious and fun ways. 😀 Once your chakras are due to open, open they will and your life will begin to transform. ?


As I was led further along the enlightenment road, the energetic world that exists alongside our physical one, started to take centre stage for me. I began to further explore the energy world that is in, around and ultimately, is us. I learned that our energy body consists of the auric field, energy channels, meridians, knots, and vortexes. The vibrational body pertains to the energetic dimension and any modification or imbalance of this body significantly affects the natural health of the visible/physical body.

Indian philosophy talks about the energy openings within the vibrational body named chakras. The word “chakra” literally means “wheel”. There are 7 main chakras and hundreds of secondary ones. For example, there is a secondary chakra on each palm: for right-handed people, the right palm chakra is for giving energy and the left palm chakra is for receiving. This model reverses for left-handed individuals. Other secondary chakras can be found on the shoulders, knees, the spleen, etc.

I would like to share an overview of the 7 main chakras and their functions with you, as I believe that getting in touch with them can improve your life. To be honest, there is so much to say that each chakra actually warrants a blog post on its own! But I will do my best to give you a general concept of each chakra, with the hope that their existence within us will resonate with you. ?

Here are the 7 primary chakras:


MULADHARA or the Root Chakra is found in the genital area, at the base of the spine. A balanced Root Chakra centres us in the materiality of this world, grounds us with the Earth and provides a sense of security. It coordinates the sense of smell, the spinal column, the skeletal system, the bowels, the teeth, nails, legs and feet. It also regulates the excretory system, the intestines, the prostate. Its colour is red. An unbalanced Root Chakra can cause chronic fatigue, confusion, bowel disorders, laziness and depression. One with an unbalanced Muladhara may also experience a lack of focus, struggle with personal boundaries or have difficulty acquiring financial security.



SVADISTHANA or the Sacral Chakra is situated approximately 1 inch under the navel. It administers the emotions, instincts, social integration and sensuality. It determines how we see ourselves in the physical world and it is the seat of our creativity. It manages the sense of taste, the reproductive organs, the gallbladder, kidneys and all the fluids in the body such as the blood, lymph and the sperm. Its colour is orange. If this chakra lacks balance, you can experience emotional turmoil, feel sluggish, have an unhealthy emotional attachment to people, have an underactive or overactive sex drive, reproductive problems, urinary or kidney infections.



MANIPURA or the Solar Plexus is located in the stomach area at the base of the ribcage. It regulates one’s willpower, confidence and expansion. It is the centre of vitality and regulates our energy balance to strengthen and consolidate our health. It manages the sense of sight, pancreas, liver, the digestive system, spleen, the adrenal glands and the muscular system. Its colour is yellow. An unbalanced Solar Plexus causes feelings of unworthiness, lack of trust in oneself and the world, perfectionism and inclines one to worry too much about what other people might think. It can result in digestive issues, an inability of the body to clear toxins effectively, hypoglycaemia and lack of mental clarity.



ANAHATA or the Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the chest. It governs self-love, relationships, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, peace and harmony. It regulates the sense of touch, the thymus, heart, lungs, the circulatory system, arms and hands, upper back and the respiratory system. Its main colour is green but it is also associated with pink. An unbalanced Anahata can spur criticism, judgement of others, feelings of isolation or hatred and cause one to be demanding, jealous, possessive or manipulative in relationships. It can lead to difficulty breathing, muscle tension, heart and lung diseases, high or low blood pressure and immune system malfunctions.



VISHUDDHA or the Throat Chakra is located in the throat area. It rules communication, self-expression, the aspects of receiving and being assertive in our authentic truth. It is also our trust centre. It manages the sense of hearing, the thyroid, throat, oesophagus, vocal chords, mouth, gums, neck, ears and jaws. Its colour is blue. An unbalanced Throat Chakra can manifest as the inability to express oneself, inability to listen, talking too much, shyness, being tone deaf and speech impairment. It can be linked to sore throats, gum problems, laryngitis, thyroid issues, ear problems, flu, fevers, glandular infections, tension or pain in the neck and shoulders and swollen glands.



AJNA or the Third Eye Chakra is in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows. It regulates intuition, perception, psychic abilities, self-realisation, understanding, imagination, intelligence and memory. It governs the sixth sense – extra sensory perception, the eyes, ears, nose, face, the secretion functions of the pituitary gland, the autonomic nervous system, forebrain and the pineal gland. Its colour is indigo. When Ajna imbalances it can result in a lack of concentration or discipline, poor imagination, confusion, eye-hand clumsiness and lack of touch with reality. It can also be linked to nose and sinus problems, eye disorders, insomnia, nightmares, headaches, learning disabilities and seizures.



SAHASRARA or the Crown Chakra is situated on top of the head. It presides over inspiration, awareness, transcendence, the state of ecstasy, Divine wisdom and is our connection to our Higher Self.  It regulates the sense of Oneness, the cerebrum, cerebral cortex, hair growth, the pituitary gland and the central nervous system. Its colour is violet but it is also associated with white, silver and gold. When the Crown chakra is unbalanced it can cause depression, aloneness, lack of understanding, inability to learn, inability to connect or relate and dissociation from the body. An imbalance can also be connected to co-ordination difficulties, clumsiness or poor balance, energetic disorders, chronic exhaustion, skin disruptions and mental illness.

Now that we have explored the location, functions and the symptoms of imbalance of each of the main chakras, I hope that you are somewhat intrigued!

I think that it would be apt to dedicate my next blog post to how we can balance these chakras. There are plenty of ways to bring them back into alignment and by doing so, we will be able to function at our energetic body’s optimum. ?

I look forward to releasing the continuation to this post very soon! In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy familiarising yourself with our special energy wheels! ?


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