I’m So Happy That I Think Too Much – Part 1!

“You think too much!!”. I have heard this from several people in my life at various times, over the years, from friends to bosses, to family etc. This has always made me feel really bad about myself to the point that it pained me. It made me feel as though I had some inbred curse that was not serving me that I should rid myself of promptly. I felt I was in possession of an unseen dangerous weapon, as by expressing myself I was causing unease, disapproval and sometimes even unintentional harm to those around me.

This baffled me and being a sensitive being it has often caused me to fall deep into personal black holes, initiated from being bombarded with “live up to our standard of letting things be” or “don’t complicate matters” or “let sleeping dogs lie” and so forth. I must admit that sometimes these are appropriate comments. But there is a very fine line as to when that is the case and when it is not.

“‘You think too much.’ What an absurdity this is, given the fact that it is our frontal lobes, our capacity to think and to examine ourselves that most makes us human.” ~ M. Scott Peck ‘The Road Less Travelled’

Through the agonising process of trying to fathom why I ‘think too much’, plenty has come to light over the years. I was able to finally understand that there is a hairline between ‘thinking too much’ and ‘overthinking’. The former healthy and the latter, entirely destructive.

Most of the time, when people say that you “think too much” they generally mean that you are overthinking. But more often than not, they themselves do not know the difference. This is not a judgement by any means, merely an observation.

Much greatness has come from the minds that think too much. If Newton had never contemplated the apple that fell to the ground from the tree then the notion of gravitation would not have come into his mind. If one takes everything at face value then how is innovation possible? How can one break out of the norm without questioning the status-quo? If one is not bold enough to question the status quo, then evolution simply becomes impossible.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” ~  Steve Jobs

I entirely comprehend that in the short term things will be far more plain sailing and peaceful if nobody rocks the boat. In truth, however, the boat always needs to be rocked! Otherwise, it will rot in the very stagnate waters that it feels ‘safe’ in.

Luckily, across all generations of time, there have always been the mavericks amongst us. And bless them – thank goodness – for if not, we would not be where we are today. As once we cease to evolve, we begin to disintegrate. First within and then without – our outer world is a reflection of our inner one.

‘Thinking too much’ is actually a gift. It has taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, like a number of other things, but I can truthfully say that this is so.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” ~ Henry Ford

On the other hand, I deeply understand those who pass off deeper contemplation, for this allows one to remain in the ‘safe zone’. When what is being ‘thought about’ threatens their deeply held principles, way of life or belief systems, the invisible earplugs are inserted. Nobody honestly takes pleasure in that – to put it mildly. This is coherent as we all feel more ‘secure’ in our respective comfort zones.

Whether the person in question is consciously aware of it or not, they are protecting their ‘worldview’ from being tampered with in a way that is displeasing or intimidating to them. It could be something as minuscule as questioning the way a person hangs out the laundry or how one lives out their morning routine to challenging a nation’s laws.

All forms of how we like things to be or that we feel comfortable with create our ‘safety net’. When this is challenged we begin to wobble to varying degrees as our relative status-quo is being confronted to one degree or another. Whether it be minor or major is of no matter. The principle remains the same. One is simply more magnified than the other, on a physical level.

When we think more than is required by ordinary, unspoken standards we are able to reach a deeper understanding of a situation or concern and life in general. We are able to override the obvious and begin to analyse all that is not able to be seen at face value. This can have numerous, positive consequences, as long as we stay in the realm of thinking beyond the norm without overriding the elusive fine line into overthinking that blends the two parallels.

“Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.” ~ Plato

How about you? Do you ‘think too much’’? Or are you an over-thinker? Have you ever given either option much thought? In part 2 we will explore this matter a little further…?

In the meantime, remember that truth begins to emerge when one begins to think past the acceptable and the obvious.

To see beyond the reoccurring mask that tends to be the foundation of our lives offers us a gift beyond measure!?

A yellow brick road to the truth of the matter lies within all of us and has done since the very beginning.?

Explore your soul!?

Question everything!?

BE You!? With the deepest gratitude for your magnificence!???

Sending you infinite love and eternal starlight!✨

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