New Class – Choreography Lab


THURSDAYS – 20:30 – 22:00uur

There is only so much that you can learn from taking a regular dance class, especially in an open studio, as this environment caters mainly for dancers that wish to come to class to keep fit and keep their technique going strong. Chassé is opening another window for you to take your dance experience further by offering choreography classes geared towards performances!

A choreographic combination is very often part of a regular dance class. But this class will give you the opportunity to step beyond the regular class atmosphere, with a committed group of people, to take your dance experience to a whole new level – the exploration of choreography!

The Choreography Lab will allow us to experiment and break the choreographic process down. You will gain the skills to pick up movement quicker and even create your own. You will learn how to make each gesture deeper, whilst challenging yourself to reverse dance phrases and break them apart, only to piece them all together again! This will shift your body, mind and soul to a deeper level within your dance life.

This class is open to Intermediate students – those with a good level of background skills and adaptability, who are willing to explore this area of dance with ease and a sense of enjoyment!

At the end of the first semester (September – January), we will present a choreography that we would have worked on together within this period! This is why it is imperative that all who sign up for this class are committed to attending each scheduled class. The next semester will begin after the first performance (February) and then we will work towards a piece that will be presented in July.

I look forward to working with you! Come and see if this is for you during the first scheduled classes in September! After that, the class will be closed and no walk-ins will be able to join, so as the process may begin.

This experience will work much better for you if you attend the Contemporary Jazz Intermediate class, that is scheduled right before the Choreography Lab from 19:00 – 20:30uur. This way, your body will be warm and you will be knowledgeable of the work that will be worked on during our Choreography Lab!

❤See you there!?

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