Strawberry Spirit’s Empowerment Shop Is Open! SSSEEE.Love™ is launched!

🎉We are ecstatic to share this news with you! Two years in the making, our baby is launched!🎉

SSSEEE.Love™ (pronounced see love) is a sustainable, ethical, organic clothing brand created to raise awareness about the truth that lies behind our clothing industry and to offer an inspiring, healing and empowering alternative solution! A percentage of our profits will be donated to organisations that actively empower humanity, animal welfare and planet earth!🌎

We would be honoured if you would help us spread the love towards a more positive future, whilst sporting trendy designs on organic fabrics and entirely ethical clothing! It’s A WIN-WIN situation and we love those!😍

Let’s contribute to empowering humanity and our planet, so as we may see love wherever we go. That is our mission!

Explore SSSEEE.Love™!

We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us! ❤💛💚💙💜

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