Strawberry Spirit Productions was established with the aim of raising humanity’s vibration by spreading unconditional love and joy, whilst inspiring inner peace and harmony, coupled with self-transformation, through the arts and soul interaction. ?

Dance is my first love, although I am spirited to share my passion in more ways than one! ?

I have discovered that I enjoy writing blogs as this allows me to express myself in a different way.  I love to share inspiration, foster understanding, cultivate empowerment and uplift in any way I can! ?

My aspiration is that people will feel better about themselves, in one way or another, for having interacted with me and my creations. ?

Strawberry Spirit is constantly evolving! Recently we are delighted to share that we have expanded our mission to uplift our planet as well as humanity by opening our latest baby SSSEEE.Love™ (pronounced See Love). ?


SSSEEE.Love™ is a Sustainable, Ethical & Organic Clothing Brand designed to empower both you and the planet! We hope that you will enjoy shopping with us! #seelove #belove #wearlove ?

I long to unshackle anyone that is willing to transform themselves to be their best, through the forgotten arts of compassion, self-love and grace together with the regular arts that we all recognize, such as dance! ?

I am truly grateful for this experience and all that I am learning! ?

Showering you with eternal love, infinite starlight and healing lanterns,


? ? ? ?

Email: info@strawberryspirit.com


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