Total Restore – New Class at Chassé Dance Studios

Our lives can often be busy and intense so this class is all about relaxing the body, mind and soul, focusing on centring ourselves in the present moment. We will do a gentle stretch for the muscles and deeper stretches for the fascia, whilst bringing awareness to our breath. We will also incorporate meditation to free our minds and recharge our bodies. Unwind and treat yourself to an hour of self-care and end your day peacefully and with gratitude! Please bring a long-sleeved top with you. Read More

Strawberry Spirit’s Empowerment Shop Is Open! SSSEEE.Love™ is launched!

We are ecstatic to share this news with you! Two years in the making, our baby is launched!

SSSEEE.Love™ is a sustainable, ethical, organic clothing brand created to raise awareness about the truth that lies behind our clothing industry and to offer an inspiring, healing and empowering alternative solution. A percentage of our profits are donated to organisations that actively empower Read More

Surrendering To Change

We have already welcomed Autumn, here in the Northern Hemisphere. I love it when the leaves begin to change into the most beautiful hues and nature shows us the profound beauty that is the changing of the seasons. Soon to follow are the inevitable powerful winds that gust through to force the stubborn leaves off the trees, before winter truly sets in, so as they can be released into the Read More

New Class – Choreography Lab

There is only so much that you can learn from taking a regular dance class, especially in an open studio, as this environment caters mainly for dancers that wish to come to class to keep fit and keep their technique going strong. Chassé is opening another window for you to take your dance experience further by offering choreography classes geared towards performances! Read More

The Art Of Forgiveness – Part 2

I trust that you have experimented somewhat with Ho’oponopono after reading part 1 of this blog and hope that you have gained some peace from its healing power.

I personally find it to be such a great tool to fall back on when things occur or past issues arise, that I seem to be at a loss with how to deal with. Reciting the mantra from my heart space really does make all the difference and I begin Read More

The Art Of Forgiveness – Part 1

Forgiveness. A matter that we have all had to contend with at some point and often shy away from. Just like I have procrastinated writing this blog hahaha. But why is that?

Conceivably, due to its immense complexity as to the emotions that attach to such a heart-wrenching subject. It is incredibly gruelling to face and let go of the Read More

Focus On Yourself.

I, by nature, have always been a rescuer. I was completely unaware of this fact for almost all of my life, until these last few years.
Being deeply empathic (of which I was also unaware), I  felt as if it was my duty to help and heal everyone in my midst. I attempted to do this with my Read More