Calling all Dance and Yoga enthusiasts!

Dance Yoga Workshops is proud to announce their fourth event! Join us for a Dance and Yoga Weekend in Barcelona, Spain this coming March 2020!

Treat yourself to a weekend filled with different dance styles and a variety of yoga classes, whilst being inspired by the vibes of this wonderful city!

The workshop will be on Saturday 21 March and Sunday 22 March 2020 and will cater to serving the optimum experience for any dance or yoga enthusiast. Classes will be given in Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Ballet Repertoire, Contemporary and Lyrical Jazz by an international faculty.

Our programme offers you the possibility to customise your workshop weekend. Should you be a strict yogi then you can take 3 yoga classes a day, or you may be a jazz fanatic and then you can take 3 jazz classes a day! You may also be multidimensional and wish to take all 3 disciplines every day and that is also possible!

The option of customising your programme could also be an excellent opportunity to broaden your own personal horizons and step out of your favourite genre! Perhaps as an avid yogi you secretly always wanted to move your body beyond your mat? Then why not step into a beginner jazz class?

Or you simply love jazz, but deep down you know that ballet will improve your technique? Then you can step into a beginner ballet class!

Or maybe your love for dance is immense, though deep down you feel that your breathing technique could use some work? Then this is the perfect occasion for you to enjoy some yoga!

Whatever tickles your fancy… there is an option for everybody during this Dance & Yoga Weekend!

And then maximise your Barcelona experience by venturing out with us in the evenings, where we will enjoy wonderful meals and immerse ourselves deeper into Barcelona’s culture!

We are so excited to offer you this wonderful programme together with the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous city of Barcelona! Join us on 21 & 22 March 2020! 

Register now so as to benefit from the early bird super discount only valid until 31 December 2020!

We hope you enjoy exploring our renewed site!??

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