Elevate dance film projects with captivating, expansive choreography tailored to your vision.

Guided Meditations

Feel empowered, aligned, and abundant with our well-being-enhancing guided meditations.


Learn about and attune to your chakras, improving life through higher frequencies.


Transformational Journey Package

Starting at $299

  • Includes 3 guided meditations, 2 audio courses, and 1 energy healing session.
  • Ideal for those seeking a comprehensive introduction to our services, this package offers a well-rounded experience of healing and growth.

Creative Expansion Package

Starting at $399

  • Perfect for individuals or groups looking to enhance their creative projects while also benefiting from holistic healing practices.
  • Includes 2 choreography sessions, 1 guided meditation, and 1 energy healing session.

Kason Espinosa

“Strawberry Spirit’s guided meditations have transformed my daily practice. I feel more grounded and aligned than ever before.”

William Haines

“The choreography services were outstanding. Our dance film project was brought to life with such creativity and vision.”

Renesmee Thomas

“The energy healing sessions are incredibly powerful. I’ve experienced profound shifts and growth in my personal and spiritual life.”