Total Restore – New Class at Chassé Dance Studios

Our lives can often be busy and intense so this class is all about relaxing the body, mind and soul, focusing on centring ourselves in the present moment. We will do a gentle stretch for the muscles and deeper stretches for the fascia, whilst bringing awareness to our breath. We will also incorporate meditation to free our minds and recharge our bodies. Unwind and treat yourself to an hour of self-care and end your day peacefully and with gratitude! Please bring a long-sleeved top with you. Read More

Surrendering To Change

We have already welcomed Autumn, here in the Northern Hemisphere. I love it when the leaves begin to change into the most beautiful hues and nature shows us the profound beauty that is the changing of the seasons. Soon to follow are the inevitable powerful winds that gust through to force the stubborn leaves off the trees, before winter truly sets in, so as they can be released into the Read More

Focus On Yourself.

I, by nature, have always been a rescuer. I was completely unaware of this fact for almost all of my life, until these last few years.
Being deeply empathic (of which I was also unaware), I  felt as if it was my duty to help and heal everyone in my midst. I attempted to do this with my Read More

What Do You Choose?

More often than not we do not realise how many choices that we have at any given moment on any given day…
Naturally, we have responsibilities but ultimately we have chosen these. We choose our clothes, our food, our lifestyles, our jobs, our exercise regimens and Read More

Right From Under My Nose!

(9.5 MIN READ)
An interesting occurrence happened recently after I had finished work. I learned so much from this event, on so many levels, that I feel it is blog-worthy. This coincides with the fact that I am trying to make my blogs more like a real blog – as opposed to a full-on article that resembles a chapter that has escaped from a book, due to its length!  So here is my first attempt at trying to fulfill this new mission Read More

The 7 Main Chakras – A Balancing Guide – Part 2

So here it is – the final part of the 2 blog posts relating to bringing our Chakras back into balance!! If you missed the first one Energy Wheels Within Us, which gives an overview of each chakra and their functions or the second one that talks about bringing the first 4 chakras into balance, perhaps it’s best to go check them out, so as you are up to speed.? Just click on them below ? ? Read More

Energy Wheels Within Us – The 7 Main Chakras

I personally came across the chakras in a subconscious manner, before I found out that they even existed! About 3 years ago I had an extremely strong urge to dye my hair purple. Yes, bright violet! And this was a couple of years before Rihanna started the unorthodox hair colour trend! ? I followed my urge, as it felt really right to me, although not everyone in my life would have agreed… Fortunately, I live Read More

And So It Is!

So I am VERY excited to be introducing my blog! My intention for my entire website is to enlighten, inspire, motivate, empower and encourage anybody who visits it. Therefore, now that the setup is nearing completion, I believe it is time to start some blogging. 😀
I actually find the whole thing rather amusing, as had you asked me what Read More