Photo by Stelios Grafakos
Photo by Stelios Grafakos

Catherine Strawbridge
Contemporary Jazz

Born in the UK and raised in Malta, Catherine was a member of Malta’s renowned YADA Dance Company for 13 years and has performed extensively both in Malta and internationally, namely Sicily, Sardinia, Portugal, Tunisia, Denmark, Spain, Dubai, Turkey, Switzerland, Tripoli and Cyprus. She obtained her teaching qualifications in London via I.S.T.D. Modern Theatre Faculty, following which she headed the Performing Arts Dance Faculty at St. Michael Foundation For Education together with being part of the teaching faculty of the College of Jazz Dance in Malta. Catherine has attended various workshops internationally and was also awarded a scholarship at Kledi Kadiu Academy in Rome. Having moved to Amsterdam she has worked on various independent projects and was a resident modern jazz dance teacher for 10 years at Amsterdam Dance Centre. She has recently reduced her schedule to embark on more creative ventures but she is currently teaching a limited amount of contemporary jazz classes at Chassé Dance Studios in Amsterdam, where she has been since 2014, as well as international workshops such as @DanceYogaWorkshops events, of which she is a co-founder. She looks forward to welcoming you in a class somewhere soon!

Catherine’s class is a fusion of modern, yoga, jazz and ballet. Her unique style explores the depth of one’s control together with the expanse of one’s flow, all within the same sphere. She believes that dance mirrors life and that, in general, we tend to vastly undermine our capabilities. Therefore, her class is designed to enhance one to push through personal boundaries, so this includes the progression of movement and technique across the floor, enriching spatial awareness and building confidence. Catherine’s choreography is intended to challenge the student to expand their consciousness and experience of themselves, within the flux of dance. The ultimate goal is to allow the body, mind and soul to become one, whilst keeping it light and fun!

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