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Strawberry Spirit Productions is a portal to the arts of healing and creative expression.

We offer tools for your transformational journey, such as meditations, audio courses, and choreography, inspiring a joyful, abundant life.

Catherine Strawbridge



What We Do


Elevate dance film projects with captivating, expansive choreography tailored to your vision.

Guided Meditations

Feel empowered, aligned, and abundant with our well-being-enhancing guided meditations.

Audio Courses

Learn about and attune to your chakras, improving life practically through higher frequencies.

Energy Healing

Experience Reiki Usui, Dharma Shamanic Healing, and Rigpa modalities for personal expansion.

Ponder Of The Now

Monthly inspiration publication to inspire empowered, joyful, and abundant living.

Artistic Collaborations

Engage in creative projects and artistic collaborations that blend healing and artistic expression.


Strawberry Spirit Productions
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What we do

What We Offer


At Strawberry Spirit Productions, we provide tools and services designed to support your transformational journey.

From guided meditations to energy healing sessions, our offerings are tailored to inspire and empower you.


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Our Latest Offers

Stay updated with our latest offerings, including new guided meditations, audio courses, and choreography services. Join us for transformative experiences and expand your creative and healing journey.